Career Opportunities

1. Receptionist
- Basic academic qualification – any degree with at least Second Class Pass
- Language skill – fluency in English, Kannada, Tamil,
- Other skills – Basic Computer knowledge with proficiency in MS Office (Word, Excel, Power point, etc.), knowledge about use of internet, etc.
- Basic skills on accounting

Job Description
- Receiving guests, participants and others who come for enquiries to ISI cordially.
- Providing information about the institute, whereabouts of staff, institute’s accommodation facilities, booking possibilities, current and future programs, etc.
- Leaves at the residential desk, when completing duty at 05.00 p.m. about the arrival of participants/guest at night, or the following day morning.
- Checks the computer, availability of rooms, halls and equipment prior to booking
- Looks after all booking formalities as per procedure
- Maintains files for requisition letters for booking
- Prepares monthly list of programs and hands over copies to: Director, Administrator, and the Residential Desk
- Checking the programme forms, guest forms, Bill forms submitted by the residential desk for details and accuracy
- Taking care of the postages and takes care of all the outgoing mails with proper entry of the details about outgoing mailing register, etc.

2. Women’s Unit Coordinator
Academic Skill - At least a Masters in Social Sciences with at least 2nd Class Pass
Language skill - Fluency in English, Kannada, Tamil and any other language
Issue based -Should have fairly good understanding and analytical perspective on women’s issue with special focus on Dalit,
Adivasi and Minority women issues
Training skill - a good communicator in English, Kannada and Tamil with good training skill
Should be able to visit schools, colleges (especially where slum, and poor girls study), slum areas to train them on women’s issues.

Job Description
- Identifying women’s issues, prioritizing them and developing documentation, media material and literature pertaining to women.
- Producing position papers on current women problems and issues and handouts on legal women’s problems.
- Contacting like-minded NGOs and working towards net-working
- Making a list of practicing women lawyers specially those involved in defending rights of women and form a team.
- Training a group of young women to write to Newspapers and magazines on women’s problems.
- Forming Women’s Rights Cells in colleges and other educational institutions.
- Facilitating mass legal literacy campaigns in rural and slum areas.
- Organizing seminars, conferences, workshops, trainings and consultations on women’s problems and issues.
- Recording and intervening in situations of women’s atrocities and violations of human rights of women.

Interested Candidates can kindly apply directly to the

Indian Social Institute
24, Benson Road, Benson Town
Bangalore – 560 046
E-mail ID:
Ph: +91 9663253657