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Workshop on Educational Issues confronting the Minorities and Our Possible, Collective and Proactive Responses Back

Human Rights and Training Unit in collaboration with Jesuit Educational Association of South Asia (JEASA) organised a workshop on “Educational Issues Confronting the Minorities and our Possible, Collective and Proacative Responses” from 17 th to 19 th October, 2018 at Indian Social Institute-Bengaluru (ISI-B). There were 35 participants, mostly heads of educational institutions, managers, correspondents and principals. The Participants were mostly from the southern states and women participants outnumbered the men!

In the introductory session, Dr. Alwyn Prakash D’Souza, SJ, Head of Human Rights and Training Unit, shared about the focus and objectives of the workshop. Dr. Selvaraj Arulnathan, Director of ISI-B, shared about the works and activities of ISI-B and Fr Sunny Jacob, Secretary of JEASA, talked about the works of JEASA.

In the first session, Fr. Sunny Jacob spoke about the challenges of Christian Education in India. He also spoke about the Christian values that should be promoted and the paradigm shifts that are required to remain relevant amidst the emerging challenges today.

In the afternoon session, Fr Cyril spoke about the importance of promoting and integrating Human Rights Education in school curriculum. This was followed by group discussion and sharing.

On the second day, topics like innovation in education, background of new education policy, Hindutva and RSS agenda in education were discussed. On the final day, Fr. Sunny Jacob gave inputs on the future of Catholic schools in India and posed a question to the participants as to what is important- excellence or relevance. In the group discussion and sharing that followed, participants discussed and presented the concrete plans of action for future.

In the concluding session, Fr Sunny Jacob summarized and highlighted the important elements of the workshop and Dr Alwyn Prakash D’Souza made the concluding remarks, inviting the participants to be the fires to enkindle other fires.

All the participants were happy with the inputs during the workshop and also expressed gratitude for organizing such a workshop.