An Overview
Indian Social Institute Bangalore provides facilities of the Institute for meetings, conferences, training programmes, seminars and classrooms. Many CBOs, voluntary organizations, NGOs , CSOs, educational and social institutions utilize these facilities. Facilities are given at a concessional rate for those groups who work with the Dalits, Tribals, minorities, women, street children, domestic workers, construction workers, unorganized sector workers, fish workers etc.

For the conferences, the Institute provides facilities such as audiovisual equipments, computers, laptops, LCD projectors, screens and xerox. We make sure that all possible facilities are offered to the groups for their smooth running of the programmes.

Meeting Rooms, Class cum Conference Rooms, Conference Halls and Auditorium

Space Name Capacity
Romero Auditorium (New) R 350 persons
Romero Hall (2nd Floor) R 200 persons
Romero Conference Hall R7 25 persons
Volken Auditorium V-block 130 persons
Ambedkar Hall A-Block 75 persons
Lecture Hall G-6 40 persons
Lecture Hall R-22 40 persons
Lecture Hall 124 40 persons
Conference Hall 126 15 persons

R - Block (Bath Attached)
VIP Single occupancy
VIP Double occupancy
VIP Tipple bedded
Dormitory 15 beds

A – Block (Bath Attached) Room/s Capacity
Double occupancy 16 32 persons
Three bedded 1 3 persons
Dormitory 1 8 persons
Total 43 persons

V - Block (Common Bath) Room/s Capacity
Double occupancy 39 78 persons
Grand Total 78 persons

There are two dining halls in the Institute in which over 120 persons can have their meal at a time. Over 300 people can have their food in two shifts.

Parking Space
1. Parking lot in the basement of the building: a) 35 cars and 60 motor cycles can be parked.
2. Parking lot near the entrance: 4 cars and 10 motor cycles can be parked.
3. Parking lot at the right side of the property: 10 cars and 10 motor cycles can be parked.

To book the place and for further details, please contact:

The Administrator
Indian Social Institute - Bangalore
24 Benson Road, Benson Town
Bangalore - 560 046
Phone: 080 - 2353 6364 / 2353 5189 / 4086 7092 / 4012 4630
Email: francisdsouzasj@gmail.com

Additional Facilities
1. Lift is Available. Johnson Make with a capacity for 8 persons, that is, 545 kg.
2. Sanctioned Power Load for the entire Institute is 80KV
3. The Transformer is in a corner of the Institute and is safe from any disturbances
4. There are two generators: a) For the new building 40KV, b) old buildings 25 KV
5. Over and above there is backup available for the new building which is 5 KV for essential operations
6. Water Supply: There is a perennial source of water in a well in the campus. There are also 2 bore wells in the campus. From these sources, water is pumped to a) main tank in one of the old buildings which takes care of the water needs of most part of the Institute, containing over 35,000 liters; b) there is also a tank in the new building which has a capacity of 3,000 liters. This capacity can be increased. We are also applying for Municipal Corporation Water Supply.
7. Security: 24 hour Security Service is available.
8. There is a small garden which attracts visitors.