Human Rights and Training Unit

Following from the thrust area intervention of the Institute, capacity building in terms of legal and human rights issues remains a priority area for Human Rights and Training Unit. In a special way, capacity enhancement of the Dalits, Adivasis, women, students, unorganized workers, and other marginalized communities. The focus of training is on critical analysis of the ideological bases of activism and skill development.

Programmes are organized in regional languages in most cases in the five southern states and here in the Institute and also in English predominantly here in the Institute and in the states as and when need arises.

Overall objectives:
• To create a Just, Humane, Democratic and secular society by Human Rights intervention
• To collaborate with NGO’s ,CBO’s, People’s movements etc.
• To provide quality training to strengthen their critical analytical skills.
• To promote Human rights based approach to development as a major paradigm
• To strengthen the unorganized sector workers.

Major thrusts:
• Socio-Cultural Analysis
• Unionizing the unorganized labourers.
• Legal resources
• Skill formation: Leadership, communication, Advocacy, Lobbying and Networking
• Human Rights interventions particularly through partnering with like-minded organizations
• Empowering Leaders of unorganized labourers and Domestic workers

Kindly contact:
Fr. Alwyn Prakash D’Souza, SJ - Unit Head –,
Ms. AM Kanchana, Assistant-Human Rights and Training Unit -