The Institute is happy to provide opportunities for internship. These opportunities can be grouped into a) issue specific and b) general activities. Issue specific are those that are in line with the thrust areas from the point of view of the Institute. General activities are those that support the functions of the Institute such as web page designing, setting up folders and files and administrative service.

Moreover, internship can be a two way process, that is, a) an intern can identify a particular area for internship and this can be discussed and both the intern and the institute can mutually agree upon some common interest for internship; b) the Institute would like the interns to work on an issue, case, document and both the institute and the intern can mutually agree upon some common interest for internship.

Thrust Areas:
• Issues affecting the Dalits, Tribals and minorities
• Gender issues
• Inclusive and equitable economic development
• Impact of neo-liberal policies
• Constitutional and human rights of the vulnerable and the marginalized
• Cultural pluralism and secularism
• Environmental protection and promotion
• Labour and migration

The Institute provides the opportunity to work across these thrust areas and go further that appeals to those who choose to do their internship at KROSS.

Place of Internship: Most of the internship would be here in the Institute’s Bangalore office. In some cases, some degree of travel within Karnataka and field work can be planned.

Who can apply: Interns from diverse academic and activist backgrounds within the country can apply. International interns are also welcome to apply. Interns may be college, university, post-graduate, research students and students from reputed research institutions and activist organizations. If the intern can present a reference it is all the more easier and faster to finalise internship.

How to Apply:
Interns can approach the Institute directly on their own or through the respective academic or activist institutions or organizations they are associated with.

To apply, please send an email to:

The email should be accompanied by your CV, a covering letter and if possible letter from a reference. Also mention the dates and duration of your internship clearly. Send your internship application at least 2 months prior to your expected start date. But the Institute would be open in short notice too.

For a face to face meeting, please call up at and schedule an appointment: +91 - 80 - 2353 6364, 2353 6189, 2353 6960

Mandatory Duration: At least 4 weeks is the minimum duration of internship. In exceptional cases, this can be reconsidered.