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Research Unit National Seminar on Dr. B. R Ambedkar's Vision on Indian Democracy, Constitutional Rights and Social Justice
In commemoration of 125th Birth Anniversary of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, the Architect... More+

South Indian Consultation on Distress Migration
To improve networking and collaboration among those involved with issues of distress migration in south India, Labour and Migration Unit of Indian Social Institute organised... More+

Report of the Two Day Seminar
Through the Prism of Labour: Gender and Distress Migration in Contemporary India

A two day seminar titled “Through the Prism of Labour: Gender and Distress Migration... More+

Orientation Programme for Kristu Jayanti Students
The academic staff of Indian Social Institute, Bangalore held a one day orientation programme for the final year students of Masters in Social Work of Kristu Jayanti College,.. More+

Detailed Report of Group Discussion
NGO Consultation, 4th & 5th May 2017

The two day NGO consultation of around fifty NGOs turned out to be a... More+

Eighth Henry Volken Memorial Lecture “Cow Vs. Buffalo: The New Nationalism”
Indian Social Institute, Bangalore organized the 8th Henry Volken Memorial Lecture in honor of Fr. Henry Volken SJ,.. More+

Policy of Dalit Empowerment in the Catholic Church in India
An Ethical Imperative to Build Inclusive Communities
Launching of CBCI Dalit Policy More+