News & Events 2014

Bengaluru: Archdiocese hosts consultation on migrants
‘Migrants need urgent attention’ was the punch-word and the heart of discussion at a consultation organized by the archdiocese of Bengaluru on August 27 ... More+

Training on Socio-Political Entitlements for North Indian Migrant Workers
A training programme on the Socio-political entitlements was conducted for 45 migrant workers from North and North-Eastern States of India working in and around Jigani ... More+

Training Programme for Migrant Women Construction Workers & their Children on Health & Nutrition
A training programme on how to improve health and nutrition of migrant women construction workers and their children was conducted in collaboration with World Vision ... More+

“Distress Labour Migration within and towards Southern Indian States”
Dr. Terence Farias, Vice President, Governing Body of ISI, welcomed Chief Guest, Prof. Sukhadeo Thorat [Chairman, Indian Council of Social Science Research, Delhi] ... More+

Training to Kalangarai Team
On 22nd July 2015 morning at 9.30 am Registration started with the participants singing 2 awareness songs on women’s rights. Ms.Chitra, Assitant Human Rights Unit ... More+

Report of the Two Day Kerala State Consultation on Work with Migrants
Problems connected to migration into Kerala have become so complex and crucial that it has caught media and public attention. Over 25 lakhs ... More+

Field Visits in Tamil Nadu
Mr. Satyan visited two Non-profit Organizations on 8-9 June, 2015 in Tamil Nadu with the purpose to understand and assess the Organizations ... More+

Vivat National Consultation on Causes
Migration is considered to be one of the burning issues of the country and the world today. While, migration has been ... More+

Women's Day Programme
Talking about the significance of the International Women’s day – 6th March 2015 at Maharani’s Home science... More+

Consultation Jointly Organised
The seminar was started with a song by the DSS cadres on Baba Sahib Dr. Ambedkar. Mr. Y. Mariswamy, welcomed the august... More+

Bhopal Struggle
In commemoration of the 30th Anniversary of the Bhopal gas disaster caused by Union Carbide Corporation (UCC)... More+

National Seminar Report
Democracy, Development, and Governance are the buzz words in Indian political economy today. They are also interconnected... More+