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Orientation program for St. Joseph’s college management students – 5th November 2016 Back

In a bid to sensitise the students about the social realities and plight of people in unorganised sector, Indian Social Institute, Bangalore organised a one day workshop on social analysis on 5th November 2016 for the students of St Joseph’s Institute of Management, Bangalore. It had a gathering of one hundred and twenty students who animatedly participated.

The morning session commenced with the dissemination of preliminary knowledge on social realities in India such as the plight of migrant workers in unorganised sector, slum dwellers and many others. Resource persons with expertise in the mentioned areas sensitised the students by using different modes such as lecture and screening of documentaries. This was succeeded by the narration of personal experience by people working in different sectors of labour. Thereafter, the students were divided into various groups and each group was allocated a sector. The experts at the institute briefed the students about the dynamics of field exposure and how field based study was to be conducted.  

This activity turned out to be an extremely useful exercise since it familiarised the students with the concrete grass root realities which consequently made them sensitive about their predicament. In the concluding session, each group presented their observation, assumptions and inferences based on their field study after which a comprehensive analysis was given by the staff member of ISI Bangalore. The orientation ended with some insightful feedback from students which would productively help ISI in organising training programmes in future.

Shujayathulla E. Aashrafee
Research Assistant,
Research Unit.