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Labour and Migration Unit
National Seminar on ‘Vulnerabilities of Inter-state Migrants in Kerala’ Back

Labour and Migration Unit organized a two day national seminar for college students on “Vulnerabilities of Inter-state Migrant Workers in Kerala” jointly hosted by Indian Social Institute, Bangalore and Pavanatma College, Idukki, Kerala on 14th & 15th December 2016. The discussions primarily highlighted the issues of the inter-state migrant workers, rights and legal provision and the problems faced by the migrants. The keynote speaker was Dhayabhai, a committed social activist and awardee of Vanitha Women of the Year 2007. She not only theorized the idea of labour but also empirically mentioned the stumbling blocks that migrant workers encounter. Her address set the tone for discussions in various sessions of the seminar. The forte of the seminar lay in its comprehensive approach to the theme of the seminar: in amalgamating theoretical dimension as well as the daily lived experiences of the migrant workers.

In the special sessions for migrant workers presided by legal experts from District and Supreme Courts, the migrant workers articulated their agony and also found solace in the legal advices given by the experts. The success of the seminar was evidenced in the number of papers that were presented from different universities in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Kerala and the college’s will to initiate a legal aid clinic at the college level with the service of para legal volunteers and advocates.

Richard Gonsalves
Programme Manager,
Labour and Migration Unit