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Minutes of the Consultation Back

Venue: G6, ISI-B
Date: 03/11/2016
Number of Participants: 14
The meeting started with welcoming the participants by Mr. Richard and all the members introduced themselves to the group.
Below are the members present for meeting

Sl.No Name Organization
1 Mr.Madhu Sudhan CIVIC
2 Ms.Manjula BIRDS
3 Ms.Radha k CFAR
4 Mr.George Mathew United labour Organsiation
5 Mr.Hemantha Ashankur
6 Mr.I.S.Patil APSA
7 Fr.Francis Working with Unorganized workers group
8 Sr.Gnee Working with Garment workers
9 Ms.Manjula CFAR
10 Fr.Shajhu Migrant commission
11 Ms.Chitra CFAR
12 Fr.Martin ISI
13 Mr.Richard ISI
14 Ms.Kanchana ISI

Fr.Martin gave brief note on the on Indian Social Institute and the history of Labour & Migration unit, also informed the group the how ISI helping the migrant workers through various church institutions like conducting the awareness program for migrants who are coming to various parishes/Churches in and around Bangalore in Anekal and Hebbagodi
The meeting highlighted the issues of Migrants who face the problem in various sectors.
Mr.Madhu Sudhan explained the unorganized workers Social Security forum and how it is working with networking organizations to improve the working condition of workers. Raised the issues of women workers He also explained the last meeting which we had with labour minister and Officials of labour department.

He also reminded the group Labour minister promises like
1. Identity card will be issued to domestic workers
2. The construction welfare Board will implement the awareness about the board in all worksite by allocating separate
    teams in 4 zones in Bangalore
3. Outpatient Health Care will be implemented by the Board
4. RSBY scheme will be rehauled.  There will not be separate caps for each disease.

After Mr.Madhu Sudhan explaining some participants raised question to group. Like Fr.Francis wanted to know the schemes for the unorganized workers and how to strengthen the group. He also mentioned about the various books which CIVIC printed to give awareness for workers and activists. Later Fr.Francis told the group we can find out the ways to remind the government to start the helpline for workers.

Second half of the meeting ISI shared the proposed action plan were as group or individual organizations how we can work together for sensitize the unorganized workers. Also suggested the intervention were we as group or combined 2 organizations can plan the work on immediate issues of sector. The groups can come up with plans were we can organize awareness program for unorganized sector workers, Meetings, Public consultations or any other programs.

Proposed topics for the meeting:
1. Formation of the Migrant groups
2. Migrants Help desk
3. Advocacy with Labour department
4. Awaeness for migrant workers on rights
5. Health camps
6. Formation of Construction workers and labour cards
On the above points the group discussed,
The organizations are requested to come up with activities were we can discuss concrete plan of action to implement in coming days.

Next meeting is on 24th November 2016 at 10.30 am.
The organization can invite other groups who are working with Migrants in Unorganized work sector.

Richard Gonsalves
Programme Manager,
Labour and Migration Unit