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Training Program for Construction Workers in Nagareshwara nagar (Byrathi Cross) Back

Date: 11/09/2016
Area: Byrathi (Hennur Bande)
Organized jointly by: Birds and Indian Social institute
No. of Participants: 46
The awareness program conducted for construction workers on labour card and its benefits. They are living in Nagareshwar village close to Byrathi cross. The construction workers are working in different construction sites for several years. The construction workers were not aware of the labour card, they got the information from self help group which was run by Birds organization. The Birds organization approached ISI to give awareness program and help them to get registered under construction workers board.
The awareness program held on 11/09/2016 on Sunday, with the help of Birds organization. The construction workers are including both Men and women. The construction workers got the information and requested us to help in filling the forms and they told they will keep ready all the documents which are required to apply for labour card. After the program the 2 members filled the application and submitted the forms. Others told that they will open the bank account and keep ready, fill the application and will be given to the Birds organization. Once we get at least 10 filled application we will proceed to construction workers board to get the cards.

Richard Gonsalves
Programme Manager,
Labour and Migration Unit