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Orientation Programme for Kristu Jayanti Students Back

The academic staff of Indian Social Institute, Bangalore held a one day orientation programme for the final year students of Masters in Social Work of Kristu Jayanti College, Bangalore on 4th July 2017. The orientation was hosted on the campus of ISI Bangalore and was attended by thirty-five students. The orientation was cohesively divided into different sub-sessions in which the academic staff explained the aims and roles of their respective units at ISI Bangalore. The session commenced with the director’s, Dr Selvaraj Arulnathan, address to the students in which he spoke on the concept of social work and its relevance in the social context. He also urged the students not to end up being mere degree holders but translate the academics into field based activism. Following this, Mr. Shujayathulla, Research Assistant in Research Unit, chronicled the history of ISI Bangalore, through power point presentation, and associated it with the vision and mission of the institute in the present era. Thereafter, he explained the organizational structure of the institute familiarizing them with various departments that function here.

He then represented the Research Unit and explained the various seminars and field based researches conducted in the past. One of the major research studies that the unit has been engaged in is Land Acquisition and its Impact on the marginalized communities in southern India

He briefed the students about the progress of this study and also the states where it has been done. Then, Ms Kanchana, Assistant in Human Rights and Training unit, elaborated on the objectives of the unit and the programmes that her unit had conducted so far. She explained that Human Rights is an all-enveloping term that includes almost every segment of sociology. Post her session, Ms Sharda Sharma, Coordinator of Women’s Unit, spelt out the function of her unit and the methodology it adopts for sensitizing people on women’s issues in academics and activism. One of the hallmarks of the unit’s approach is integrating research with activism and canvassing the same through guest lectures for college students, seminars for both academics and activists and protests in collaboration with other like-minded organizations.

In the following sub-session, Mr. Richard Gonsalves, Program Manager in Labour and Migration unit, explicated the significance of the unit in the larger social context. He explained the term migration and the predicament of migrants in an alien land. He clearly stated that the unit’s objective was to make critical interventions in the domain of labour in informal economy and empower the migrant workers in unorganized sector.He illustrated the multiple programmes that the unit had conducted such as training and research ventures, establishment of help desk that was easily accessible and also intervening on behalf of the migrant workers by collaborating through NGO partners. The orientation concluded with questions, observations and deliberations by the students. It was an informative orientation programme with a highly participatory approach.

Ms Sharda Sharma
Coordinator, Women’s Unit