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Research Unit National Seminar on Dr. B. R Ambedkar's Vision on Indian Democracy,
Constitutional Rights and Social Justice Back

In commemoration of 125th Birth Anniversary of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, the Architect of India’s Constitution, Indian Social Institute, Delhi and Indian Social Institute, jointly organized a National Seminar on the theme Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s Vision on Indian Democracy, Constitutional Rights and Social Justice, 17-18 April, 2017, at ISI, Bangalore. Dr. Denzel Fernandez, SJ, the Director of ISI, Delhi welcomed the gathering and Dr. Selvaraj Arulnathan, SJ, Director of ISI, Bangalore, presented the rationale of the seminar and also introduced the Keynote Speaker Dr. Anand Teltumbede, a renowned Dalit Scholar, Writer and Civil Rights Activist. Over 80 people had attended the Seminar, out of which there were 17 papers presented by PhD scholars, professors, academicians and activist scholars representing Universities and Institutes across the country who presented papers on diverse themes and sub-themes.

Some papers delved into the existing studies on B.R. Ambedkar that largely focused on his substantive religious, sociological, political and constitutional concerns. Others concentrated on a number of concepts that B.R. Ambedkar employed and thus weaved those to the social reality that the Indian society confronts and in the process critically engaged with the body of scholarship available. Hence, the National Seminar posited the mixture of both. Substantive time was given for discussion for every presentation that evoked creative and critical engagement of the thoughts of B.R.Ambedkar. This seminar was a fitting tribute to Ambedkar who was the ardent pathfinder entwined with ethical persuasion coupled with a method and critique on the problems of the Indian society. The Seminar came to a close with a valedictory speech by ……………….

Dr. John Mohan Razu
Coordinator, Research Unit