Indian Social Institute Bangalore, is a ‘Training and Resource Centre’, enabled by research, facilitating advocacy engagements.

To build an egalitarian and inclusive society by promoting socially conscious communities.

Indian Social Institute Bangalore, as a ‘Training and Resource Centre’ engages in ‘Training of Trainers’, of Dalits, Adivasis, Minorities, Unorganized Laourers, Fisher Folk, Distress Migrants and Dalit Christians with special focus on women and youth in partnership with Community Leaders, Civil Society Organizations, People’s Movements and Jesuit Social Centres with special focus in South India, through holistic and quality capacity-building trainings, enabled by research-based knowledge and networking and advocacy engagements, to claim their entitlements, rights and improved quality of life.’

Primary Stakeholders
- Dalits, Adivasis, Minorities, unorganized labourers, Fisher folk, distress migrants, Dalit Christians with special focus on women and youth.

- Community Leaders, Civil Society Organisations, People’s Movements and Jesuit Social Centres

Thrust Areas
- Cadre building and Capacity Development
- Access to Entitlements
- Cultural identity and Entitlements of the Distress Migrants
- Gender equity and inclusion
- Discrimination and exclusion

6. Core Values
- Social Justice
- Equity
- Human Dignity
- Gender Justice
- Integrity
- Cultural Diversity
- Secularism
- Excellence
- Equality
- Fraternity
- Liberty

7. Core Principles
1. - Decentralized planning and decision making
2. - Solidarity and Common good
3. - Accountability and Transparency
4. - Collective responsibility and Team work
5. - Planning and implementing works with long term perspective
6. - Creativity and innovativeness - Partnership with stakeholders